Cleaning Maintenance

First Maintenance:

  • Only use dry cleaning methods in the first four weeks after the floor has been finished

Daily Maintenance

  • Sweep or dust mop daily or after each function to remove dust, dirt, grit and other abrasive particles (micro fibre scissor mop)
  • Wipe any spillages immediately
  • Any scuff marks on the floor are to be removed ASAP (Loba Floorcare Cleaner should remove most scuff marks, any marks that are hard to remove use a mixture of one part Loba Polish removed and ten parts water, spray off scuff mark, leave ten minutes then wipe off with soft cloth)
  • Normal cleaning, mix 10 – 20 mls Loba Cleaner with ten litres of water, apply manually or with a mono disc machine and white pad
  • Heavy cleaning for highly soiled floors, mix 50mls Loba Cleaner with ten litres of water, apply to a small area of the floor, wait 2 – 3 minutes and then use a mono disc machine (Polivac or similar) with a white pad (red pad if required) immediately remove any waste water from the floor

Stain Removal:

Apply Loba Cleaner on the stained area, remove the stain mechanically using a red or white pad.

Glue, chewing gum etc:

Lightly scrape excess from the floor, apply Loba Polish remover to affected area, leave for ten minutes then remove mechanically with a red pad.

Other cleaning tips:

  1. Be sure to use mop and change water as needed
  2. Ensure that cleaning pads are checked and cleaned regularly to avoid any build up of residue
  3. Test pads on a small area to ensure they are not abrasive and will not scratch the floor
  4. Ensure any vacuum cleaners that may be used on your timber floor, have suitable soft suction heads
  5. Loba refresher may be used on floors that are showing early wear signs to recreate the floors natural look and provide short term protection until the next re-coat is applied


  1. Re-coating will be required at given intervals depending on traffic flow (consult with your flooring contractor for advice on timing)
  2. Two coats are recommended for all re-coats, especially floors with line marking

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