Finished Floors

Maintenance Advice
While polyurethanes are widely recognised as the most durable surface coatings for floors, they are inevitably subject to wear, particularly when any gritty substance is introduced onto the floor. Grit will act in the same manner as sandpaper and large particles of grit under shoes or heavy furniture will not only cut through the coating but damage the timber as well.

It is important to take the room temperature into consideration. As at 18 degrees – 20 degrees with humidity of 50% – 65% the ideal room temperature is achieved, higher humidity will make the floor swell, while lower humidity will make the floor shrink and thereby create joints, it is thereby imperative to ensure heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are functioning properly and the humidity level is normal. Do not shut down the ventilation system for a prolonged period of time.

Avoid the following for your timber floor:

  • Do not expose the newly coated floor to water, alcohol or heavy traffic for the first two weeks
  • Do not cover the floors with any product like masonite, plastic material, mats rugs or similar for the first four weeks
  • Do not use household cleaning products as they can be harmful to the floor finish and the timber and may also leave floors slippery and potentially harmful to athletes/household users
  • Do not clean your timber floor using scrubbing machinery or power scrubbers which use underwater pressure, water is your floors worst enemy
  • Do not attempt to modify or repair your timber floor without first consulting your contractor
  • Do not allow black soled shoes on the floor (sports floors)
  • Do not use a wet mop on your timber floor, damp mop only

Preventative Measures:

To reduce wear and make cleaning easier you need to prevent sand, dirt and water coming onto your timber floor:

  • Outside: Walk off mats or grills to be placed at all doors that have access to the floor (Nuway or similar)
  • Inside a softer walk off mat which can absorb water and other remaining dirt (3m or similar)
  • Protective felt pads under the legs of chairs and any other pieces of furniture that may be placed on your timber floor
  • Place large visual signs at all doors requesting all patrons to wipe their shoes on entry